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A large number of investors suffered losses. In addition to the project team’s ignorance of security issues, it is the responsibility of the online trading platform for related tokens. Huobi Pro announced this afternoon that it is reviewing the ERC20 smar

In Blockwares analysis content, there is indeed some valuable part, especially that miners have to continue operating at a loss in order to comply with contract requirements. If this situation really exists, it means that we should be more cautious, becau

Around 2014, a netizen named Daurgothoth described his recent depressive life on Reddit. He said that in the past few years, the extreme distrust of American politics, public education system and centralized economy has caused him to fall into depression

In 2018, cryptocurrency experienced a price collapse, and at the same time it was also vigorously integrated with the football field. According to CCN reports, in addition to some top teams, many well-known football players in the world have also entered

Of course, no university has admitted that they want to make money from the cryptocurrency craze, although the continuous commercialization of universities will increase this suspicion. For example, between 1988 and 2018, the average tuition of American p

BoringDAO currently has three major characteristics: 1. It is decentralized, with advanced coin minting mechanism design, and the speed is much faster than renBTC. 2 is a triple security mechanism. In addition to the mortgage of BTC itself, there is also

ST can be used to represent various types of assets and rights in reality. Because ST has a clear underlying asset support, the value of ST is more stable. In terms of stability, ST is more attractive than Bitcoin. Especially when some underlying assets o

Due to the upgrade of wallet, the Huo coin global station has suspended the charging and withdrawing business of AE. After the upgrade is completed, it will be restored as soon as possible. The specific time will be notified by announcement.Wave network B

On November 30, the parent company of bitmex, 100xgroup, announced that it would continue to provide financial support to open source developer Alex hultman to thank him for his contribution to nodejs system development. Officials mentioned that since 201

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