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Bitcoin wallets have no ID

On November 30, the parent company of bitmex, 100xgroup, annouBitcoin wallets have no IDnced that it would continue to provide financial support to open source developer Alex hultman to thank him for his contribution to nodejs system development. Officials mentioned that since 2018, 100xgroup has provided $86000 a year to Alex and will continue to support its future projects.

1. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached 14.58 billion US dollars (+ 3.11%), and maker's total value was 26

In the opening of a shares, the Shanghai composite index was 3349.53 points (+ 0.07%), the Shenzhen composite index was 13583.19 points (+ 0.21%), the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index was 3753.25 points (+ 0.41%), and the digital currency plate of tonghuashun fell 0.69%.

On November 18, dash officially launched dashcorev In this version, various errors are corrected and improved.

According to the official blog, on November 24, makerdao governance promoter has incorporated a governance vote into the voting system on behalf of the makergovernance community to give maker governance an opportunity to express its support or opposition to accelerating the launch of the anchoring stability module (PSM). If the number of votes for the "yes" option exceeds the "no" option, the following measures will be taken: 1. The domain team will give priority to PSM and plan to launch on December 18. 2. A forum post will be posted to track the status of PSM's technical review and risk assessment; 3. No longer adopt stable currency action plan - Option 3. Instead, the following measures will be taken: 1. The stable currency action plan option 3 will continue to be adopted; 2. An additional poll will be conducted; 3. PSM may be added through the regular monthly MIP cycle.

According to Jin Shi, the bank for International Settlements said the next phase of the digital currency experiment will be completed Bitcoin wallets have no IDin the third quarter of 2021.

according to Market shows that at 15:00 today, a net exchange officially launched Che / AQ trading pair. Che rose to 1