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Due to the upgrade of wallet, the Huo coin global station has suspended the charging and withdrawing busineBitcoin cash forecastss of AE. After the upgrade is completed, it will be restored as soon as possible. The specific time will be notified by announcement.

Wave network The market showed that BTC fell rapidly, falling short-term below 19300 usdt, the lowest rose to 19286.80 usdt, and then rose to above 19300 usdt. It is now reported at 19362.57 usdt, up 2.08% in 24 hours.

Harvestfinance was attacked by hackers and lost $33.8 million. About $2.5 million was subsequently returned to the deployer contract by hackers.

3. The DFI index of currency World Research Institute: dex150.25 (+ 8%), derivatives 139.04 (+ 5%), lending 145.97 (+ 7%), prophecy 112.42 (+ 0%).

Volatility (25%) + market volume (25%) + popularity of social media (15%) + Market Research (15%) + proportion of bitcoin in the whole market (10%) + Google hot word analysis (10%). Click the market price in the currency world app and click the panic greedy index above to view the historical trend and interpretation of the index.

according to Bitcoin.com11 NVIDIA's GPU chips are mainly used in video game machines and video cards, but they are also popular with cryptocurrency miners, especially eth, XmR and Zec miners. In this quarter review, NVIDIA sold at least $175 millBitcoin cash forecastion worth of new generation GPUs to Ethereum miners, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves. The analyst had expected sales to miners of $150 million in the quarter.