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Jins, an analyst at todays currency World Research Institute, believes: BTCs short-term withdrawal has technical rebound, but the price rise is not big. The reason is that bulls have not entered the market in large numbers, which naturally limits the targ

Bancor tweeted that after bancorv2.1 was released, there were free loss protection, single asset pledge and BNT liquidity mining incentives. BNT is moving from the exchange to the Bancor pool as quickly as possible. At present, about 50% of BNT is pledged

BTC contract is now quoted at US $18078.29, a discount of US $57.02 compared with the spot price, with an increase or decrease of - 2.40% in 24h. The trading volume was 46.6598 million, and the turnover was US $1691.4361 million. The current total positio

Eric ly says that while Im disappointed by what happened recently at defi, its really just the beginning for defi. Defi will exist in cryptocurrency and blockchain for a long time, and it will become a value service through cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The development of direct financing is the general trend. It is expected that the deepening reform measures of capital market will continue or even accelerate the implementation.On July 29, Shanghai Sunshine pharmaceutical procurement network released the

The sales revenue was billion yuan, up% month on month and% year on year.In addition to vaccine research and development, cold chain, filling, vaccine bottles and other related plates also rose sharply.Gold strategy: long around 1866, stop loss *, target

A sales person responsible for securities companies asset management institutional customers disclosed that in the first week of the new year, the A-share market hit a golden pit, with a large number of institutional clients applying for securities compan

It can also be seen in the records of famous paintings of past dynasties, continuation of painting records, ancient paintings, Shuhua Ji, Xuanhe Huapu, Huahua Zhi, baopuzi. There are seven Buddhas, Mu Tianzis banquet at yaochi, big and small, lienu, Wu Zi

Chen believed it, and logged in the website provided by SMS and entered personal information, resulting in hundreds of thousands of yuan in the account being transferred.Xinhua Finance 2. Vaccine sector: under the new epidemic situation, the vaccination i

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