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According to oklink data, the average computing power of BTC in tBitcoin wallet vs exchangehe past seven days is about 132.11eh/s, and the difficulty of the whole network is about 19.16t. The next prediction difficulty is 20.38t, and there are 13 days to adjust. The strength of the mainstream currency rose more than fell. BCH 7-day average computing power fell 3.32%; the main currency mining income rose.

4. Sushiswap community proposes to launch Onsen, a new fluid mining incentive project. The vote will end on December 15.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively at 595.95usdt (+ 3.48%), XRP is at 0.6086usdt (+ 6.77%), BCH is at 287.11usdt (+ 2.04%), LTC is at 83.46usdt (+ 3.51%), EOS is at 2.989usdt (+ 3.43%), BSV is tentatively at 180.17usdt (- 0.86%).

Jins, an analyst at today's currency World Research Institute, believes: BTC rebound space has increased, and the price has reached above $19000 again. The 24-hour trading volume rebounded to $26 billion, indicating that bulls did not enter in large numbers, but BTC price elasticity was good.

According to public data, filecoin is a peer-to-peer network for storing files with built-in economic incentives to ensure reliable storage of files over time. Nearprotocol is a public chain platform, which is one of the most competitive public chains in DAPP public chain at present. It has a better fragmentation scheme than eth2.0 and the world's top engineering capability.

6. Bitcoin prices rose in the early morning, and the coinbase website and mobile app failed to load, which has been repBitcoin wallet vs exchangeaired.

In the BTC perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 19.40%, and the average short position proportion is 17.52%. The long position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 1500 BTCs.