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Ethereum vs Bitcoin mining

The market price of DAI is less than $1: At this time, the target price change rate will be increased, so that the target price will rise, and the CDP mortgage debt ratio will decrease. That is to say, you may only get 50 DAI when you mortgage 100 ETH. This way suppresses the supply of DAI. On the other hand, due to the increase in the DAI target price, there will be an influx of speculators leading to an increase in purchase demand. Reduced supply and increased demand will increase the market priceEthereum vs Bitcoin mining of DAI and approach the target price.

The third point is that the value of new funds entering the market will not necessarily settle in the market value of Bitcoin in the end. Although in every previous cycle, most of the newly entered funds were eventually "transfused" to Bitcoin, but this time is different. After a giant like Facebook enters the market, in the process of mass adoption, the ease of use, Speed ​​and transaction costs will play an important role in people's exploration.

In essence, IPO stock lock-up is still a passive requirement, and executives must implement it. However, the lock-up of ILO requires the user's initiative. The users who can actively lock the warehouse are automatically divided into users of this token. The situation where the target user cannot be found in the ordinary airdrop will not appear on ILO.

Professor NoahSmith is one of the loudest critics of Bitcoin in the early days. He has testified before Congress, erroneously predicting that Bitcoin will fall to nearly $0, and misspelled Bitcoin as bitcorn in a column. He also said that Bitcoin needs inflation, so I fell into the above-mentioned situation where I just learned about Bitcoin and I will solve the problem of Bitcoin.

TPS is the most practical project in the currency circle that can be used to publicize examples. The most typical argument is the seamless connection between TPS and Taobao on Double Eleven. Why Taobao can’t be opened on that day because too many people clicked How much, high concurrency processing can't come, so congestion! Then it was derived that the TPS of each currency (public chain) in the currency circle, Bitcoin is 10-20 and so on, so it is blocked. How can we not block it? Look at EOS to achieve one million TPS.

As can be seen from the above table, even if the public chain processes 100 million transactions per day, a thousand-bit TPS is sufficient. Currently, the blockchain is transitioning from development to a high-speed blowout stage. Using Ethereum as a reference, the current peak value remained on January 4 at the beginning of this year, with 1,349,890 transactions, and yesterday's transaction volume was about 760,000. At present, thEthereum vs Bitcoin mininge speed of 30-40/transaction per second in Ethereum really needs to be improved. The next stage of V God is to explore hundreds or even thousands of TPS solutions.

Barry Silbert was selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Klein New York Business Week, and he was also included in the Fortune magazine's 2011 list of the top 40 business stars under 40 with Facebook founder Zuckerberg. In 2018, he was listed on the "Forbes" cryptocurrency rich list. It can be said that he graduated from business school and has many years of investment banking experience. Not only is he keen on business, he is full of curiosity about new things, but also has strong execution ability and shows entrepreneurial talents everywhere.