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CalvinAyre is a supporter of BitcoinCash (BCH) and owns the largest BCH mining pool. In August 2017, he acquired the cryptocurrency news website He inveMiner bitcoin czsted a lot of money for BCH mining to purchase equipment to help increase BCH computing power. According to Bitcoin data website CoinDance, Ayre's mining pool Coingeek has become the world's largest BCH mining pool, surpassing

The Director of Grayscale Sales and Business Development has publicly stated that more and more institutional investors are entering the encryption field. The Grayscale report shows that hedge funds' investment in Bitcoin and other encrypted assets has increased significantly. In the first quarter of 2019, the total amount of Bitcoin investment reached 24 million U.S. dollars, while in the fourth quarter of 2018 it was less than 1 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 2,300 %.

The emergence of Libra has brought Bitcoin further into the mainstream vision. The role of Bitcoin in hedging macro risks is increasingly being mentioned. What is more intuitive is that Bitcoin has not undergone major adjustments during its rise. Despite the huge divergence of market views, it is generally believed that Bitcoin will not fall below $10,000. This time is different. Perhaps the "eternal bull market" has already begun. This article will take you to explore the most practical reasons and logic behind "this time is different".

Apart from LeRoux's criminal status, he is also a very good programmer. As early as 1999, LeRoux presided over the design of the free disk encryption software E4M for Windows. In addition, he may also participate in the development of the open source TrueCrypt disk encryption technology software based on E4M.

The limitation of NVT is that its indicator is a lagging indicator. The peak of NVT often appears in the middle of price correction, so it can only identify and judge the previous bubble level. CryptoCapital's Dmitry Kalichkin improved the NVT lag and proposed the NVTS indicator (the ratio signal of market capitalization to transfer amount). NVTS replaced the daily transfer volume with a 90-day moving average of daily transfer volume, and offset short-term price fluctuations by introducing a moving average The growth of on-chain transfers driven by speculation. If NVT or NVTS substantially exceeds the threshold, it means that the current Bitcoin value is in an overestimated area.

However, not all innovative projects will flourish because of first-mover advantage. For example, BTS, as BM’s maiden work, featuring high-concurrency million TPS with DPOS, has gradually declined, replaced by EOS; the first bytecoin developed based on the cryptonote protocol, the limelight has been overshadowed by the fork’s Monero. The number of projects directly from MoneMiner bitcoin czrofork has surpassed Bytecoin.